Suggestions On How You Can Get A Lower Price On Your Booking

Posted on: 4 April 2016


There are many opportunities out there for saving money on hotel bookings. During many trips, the cost of booking a hotel is the biggest expense. Therefore, any savings that travelers can enjoy on hotel bookings can free up a significant portion of their travel budgets.

The following are five simple ways travelers can reduce the amount of money they're spending for their lodgings and increase the amount of spending money they have leftover for other expenses:

Be loyal to one hotel or chain

Customers who regularly book with one hotel or one hotel chain often enjoy lower prices for bookings. If you have a hotel chain that you prefer, it's worthwhile to look in to any loyalty programs that you can take advantage of to enjoy lower prices every time you book. Call hotels of interest directly and ask about loyalty programs to see what kinds of savings opportunities are available. 

Book a package deal

Do you need to book a hotel in combination with a flight and/or a rental car? If so, you can probably enjoy a discounted rate on all these travel needs with a package deal. Check out the package offerings of some online travel search engines to learn more. 

Search for deals on coupon sites

In recent years, coupon sites have proliferated online that offer special discounts you can take advantage of when you stay at a hotel. Many sites are specifically set up to cater to your unique needs as a traveler. For example, some coupon sites specialize in providing same day hotel deals for hotels located along interstate highways passing through a given location. 

Become a member of a travel group

Some widely recognized travel groups are able to offer members discounts on hotels across the country as just one of the many advantages of membership. Hotel chains will often create partnerships with groups like these because they know they will get publicity and bring in more hotel guests thanks to the association. 

Be flexible about dates

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make when they're looking for a cheap hotel is not checking for a range of dates. If you have the freedom to push your trip forward or back a few days, you may be able to get better rates on your hotel room. In particular, you may want to look at mid-week rates rather than weekend rates if you need to travel to a touristy destination that is in its busy season during your trip. 

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