Book Your RV Campground Reservation In Advance To Avoid Disappointment

Posted on: 6 April 2016


Summer is just around the corner, and you are most likely already planning the places you want to go to and the things you want to do. If one of those things is camping and you own an RV, chances are you are looking for that perfect spot to set up camp and enjoy nature. While it might be exciting to simply head out on the road, it's a better idea to make a reservation ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Start Planning Now

Long before the summer season hits, that's the time to start planning your RV vacation. You might decide to roam around to different national parks or even check out several beaches or wildlife preserves across the country. Even if you have one spot in mind, many of these campgrounds and RV parks are very popular and many book up to a year in advance.

Start to plan your trip at the latest in March, since many campgrounds' bookings ramp up during this month. Choose a campground, or several that suit your needs and make the calls. You will find that campgrounds that offer electrical and water hookups are very popular to RV owners and the later you leave it to book a spot here, the less likely you will be to reserve a place when you want it.

National and State Parks

National and State parks are usually much busier than their county and local counterparts and  typically take bookings up to nine months in advance. It gets even harder when you want a particular spot within the campground, as it could be a favored spot for many families or single campers. You will have heavy competition for those few spots that are coveted, such as ones along the river bank, or lake side, so it is advised to book as soon as the campground opens bookings for the season.

Book Online

To make the booking process easier for campers, many campgrounds offer reservation booking online. This is true of many state and national parks as well as county ones. You may be able to see the spots available and the dates the park still has open. Keep in mind that holidays and weekends tend to book very quickly, so if you want to head to a campground then, you will have to book about a year ahead of time for major holidays like Independence Day or Memorial Weekend.

To ensure you can get the spot you want, try booking for a stay during the week and not close to a major holiday. You just might get a discount on your stay depending on how far into the season it is and how busy the park is at that time.