Vacation Savvy: 4 Tips For Saving Money On Lodging Expenses

Posted on: 18 June 2016


Vacations are the perfect way to explore new areas, relax, and unwind. Unfortunately, taking a vacation isn't cheap. If you're like most people, you probably don't vacation nearly as much as you want. The good news is that you can make staying at a resort or hotel a lot more affordable.

So how can you make your lodging more affordable? Here are four handy tips:

1. Book Together

You can often save a significant amount of money by booking all of your travel needs together. So if you need to rent a vehicle or travel by plane (or train), consider booking everything together. You can do this online or through a travel agent. You might also be able to do this directly through the hotel.

2. Vacation Midweek or Off-Season

Another handy tip is to travel during the middle of the week. Lodging is usually at a premium during the weekend, as that is when a large majority of people travel. So if you can take your vacation on weekdays, do it—you will definitely see some savings.

Additionally, you might want to consider vacationing during the off-season. In most locations, the off-season typically falls during fall and winter. However, winter might be a prime travel season if you are traveling to a warm or tropical climate. If in doubt, call the hotel or resort and ask when their peak travel season is. Once you know it, travel during the off-season to save some money.

3. Register For a Loyalty Plan

A lot of hotels and resorts offer a loyalty plan, which offers discounted rates to its members. While most people who enroll in this program are frequent travelers, you can often enroll even if you aren't. It might not sound like a good deal, but it is. Members of these programs often receive cheaper rates, as well as extras when booking their room. Plus, you might be able to score some free rooms if you do travel frequently.

4. Opt for Kid-Friendly Resorts

Finally, choose a hotel that is kid-friendly. Most hotels will charge a fee for extra people in the room, even if they are a child. However, some hotels won't charge for kids. Some even offer free meals for children, as well. So if you have children, be sure to ask the hotel or resort about their child policy. By opting for one that is kid-friendly, you might save a good amount of money.

While resort and hotel fees can take up a lot of your vacation budget, they don't have to. With these tips, you can reduce your vacation costs and become a more savvy vacationer.