3 Services Hotels Offer For Your Convenience

Posted on: 23 June 2017


When you begin shopping around for a hotel to book for an upcoming trip, you may have certain things in mind that are important to you. Location, for example, is a top priority for most people, but have you considered everything you will need for your trip? Here are three services some hotels offer for the convenience of their guests, and you may want to realize that you will need some or all of these things for your trip.

Luggage Storage

Check-in time at many hotels is around 4:00 in the afternoon, but what happens if you arrive early? Would you want a place to store your luggage while you go out for the day touring the area? If so, find a hotel that offers luggage storage. With this service, you could drop your stuff off at the hotel, go out for the day, and come back at check-in time.

The same principle applies when checking out of the room, too. If you have several hours to kill after checking out, you could utilize this service provided by your hotel, and this would solve the problem of where to put your luggage while you are waiting to head to the airport for your flight.

Shuttle Services

Another great service many hotels offer is shuttle service, and this is often designed to help guests get to and from the airport. If your hotel offers this, make sure you find out the rules for using the service. For example, you might be required to notify the front desk of which shuttle you will need. By doing this, you will have a guaranteed spot on that particular shuttle.

Most of these shuttles are free to guests that stay in the hotel, which means you could save money by not having to hire a taxi for your rides. 


The other type of service that hotels commonly offer is free parking services for guests. If, for example, you have an early-morning flight and decide to spend the night at a nearby hotel, the hotel might allow you to keep your car parked there for free while you are gone on your trip. When you return, your car would be conveniently located near the airport for you to use to drive back home.

Every hotel offers amenities of some kind, but you will need to find a hotel that offers the amenities and services that are most important to you. To do this, contact a hotel in the area where you are traveling.