3 Unique Theme Ideas For Your Boutique Bed And Breakfast

Posted on: 21 May 2021


People usually choose to stay at a bed and breakfast because they want a quieter, more unique experience than they can get by staying at a hotel. So, if you own a bed and breakfast, it is important to keep this in mind. You can really play into this preference by giving your boutique bed and breakfast a theme to set it apart from others in the area. Here are a few themes to consider.

Wine and Vineyards

Many people like to drink wine when they are relaxing on vacation, which makes wine a great theme for your boutique bed and breakfast. You could plant some vines in the yard. Even if you don't really do much with the grapes, they add an authentic vibe to the outdoor space. Decorate the bedroom with paintings of grapes and wine bottles. Display some glasses in the shared spaces, and include a stocked wine fridge that your guests can help themselves to. For breakfast, you can serve dishes infused with wine, such as a wine-and-berry reduction over waffles.

Antiques and Memorbilia

If you find that a lot of your B&B guests are older, then you may want to transform the space with an antique theme. Purchase some authentic, antique furniture from local consignment shops, and make the beds with homemade quilts. You can find antique versions of almost everything you'd put in a bed and breakfast. Purchase some older board games to keep on the coffee table. Buy a set of older wine glasses and dishes to use when you serve breakfast.

You can even get more specific with this and theme the space to a certain decade. For example, you could decorate the space as if it were the 1920s or the 1950s. Consider serving dishes from these eras for breakfast, too. For example, in the 1950s, a full American breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast was common!

Candy and Sweets

Here's a fun one that is sure to get giggles from guests of all ages. Give your bed and breakfast a candy theme by choosing wall art that depicts candy. Look for a bedspread and towels with various candy images, and keep jars of various candies throughout the space. Finding ways to include candy in breakfast is easy. Pancakes with M&Ms, oatmeal with a side of butterscotch candies, and waffles with chocolate chips are all delicious choices.

Your boutique bed and breakfast is sure to stand out from the crowd — and draw a crowd — with any of these themes. Visit other boutique bed and breakfasts like The Abigail Inn to see what they're doing.