Three Benefits Of A Shaded RV Resort Site

Posted on: 19 October 2022


Before your visit to an RV resort, you will need to browse the resort's website to learn about what types of sites are available to those who visit. At many resorts, you will find shaded sites. These are sites that have large trees around them, rather than being fully out in the open. Whether you book your site well in advance online or call the resort the day of your visit to see what sites it might have currently available, you may wish to consider a shaded site. Here are three reasons that many RV travelers favor this type of site. 


A big reason to choose a shaded site when you visit an RV resort is that it's cooler than a site that doesn't have shade. If you have perhaps spent a few nights on your trip in parking lots and other spots that are devoid of shade, you might be eager to park for a few days in a shaded area—especially if the weather is hot where you're traveling. Shade can be nice when you're sitting at your site, cooking outdoors, and enjoying other activities. If you have kids, you will appreciate that they can play in the RV resort's fields and on its beach, but then return to the coolness of your shaded site.


Shaded sites also provide more of a private feel than sites that are out in the open. While some people favor the latter because they're eager to get to know other RV travelers, you might be ready for a quiet, private experience at some point during your trip. While you will be aware of other RV resort guests when you book a private site, the foliage around your site will create somewhat of a barrier that means you won't be constantly aware of your neighbors' activities.


The nightly rate of the available sites at an RV resort can vary based on their location and amenities. While an open waterfront site can be desirable to many people, it can sometimes be priced higher than the property's shaded sites. If you have a budget that you're sticking to when you travel, you will appreciate the affordability of a shaded site, which may be well away from the waterfront and in more of an enclosed area.

Contact an RV resort to learn more about the different sites they have to offer, including shaded options.