Reserve A Hotel Meeting Space

Posted on: 6 January 2023


Many hotels offer accommodations for conventions and private business meetings. If you need to reserve space for an upcoming meeting, check out what type of meeting services are provided at the hotel that you select. 

A Tour Of The Meeting Spaces

If you will be hosting a meeting at a hotel that is located close to your home office, set up a time to tour the meeting spaces that are available. Before doing so, go to the hotel's website and review the details about the meeting spaces that are featured. A hotel may offer one or more rooms that can be reserved in advance. Often, a hotel will provide a panoramic video recording of a meeting space or furnish still shots that potential guests can review.

Once you have a general idea of the layout of each meeting space, visit the hotel at the allotted time that you have scheduled for a tour of the meeting room or rooms. While you walk around each space, you will be able to determine if there is enough space to present the material that will be shared with your audience. You will also gain an understanding of what type of A/V equipment is available.

For instance, if you are going to be hosting a meeting that is large in size, it will be helpful to see that there is a large video screen within the meeting room that you plan on reserving. The screen, combined with quality audio components, will ensure that the guests who are seated in the back of the meeting room will be able to see you and hear you while you are speaking.

Considerations For Your Guests

Your guests should be able to locate the hotel and meeting room with ease. Anyone who travels from a long distance may need to be supplied with directions. The hotel staff can aid you with hanging signage in the lobby of the hotel, that will inform the guests where the meeting room is located. You can also request that a reservation specialist checks in each guest as they arrive.

If you are going to be hosting a long meeting, it may be in your best interest to book a block of rooms for the guests to stay in overnight. This will allow the attendees to focus on the meeting, without any concerns about needing to drive while it is dark or while they are tired.

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