Why Your Family Should Stay In A Hotel When Visiting Extended Family

Posted on: 21 February 2023


If you're taking your family out of town to visit some of your other family members, you may have received an invitation for your family to stay in their home. However, don't be too quick to accept this invitation. It may be a much better choice to have your family stay in a hotel that's located close to your family. The information here will cover some of the reasons why having your family stay in a hotel might be best for everyone. 

Company can be hard on a household

Your extended family will undoubtedly be very excited to see you and your family when you get to town. The adults will have plenty to catch up on and the kids will have a great time playing. This excitement can last for a few days. However, if you are staying in their home, then after a few days, some things can begin to wear on them. No matter how great of guests you and your family are, the extended family you are staying with can start to want their space back. This can start to interfere with their ability to continue fully enjoying the time they spend with all of you. 

If you stay in a hotel, then you will be able to meet up with them in the morning and spend as much time as everyone wants together. Then, when the day comes to an end, your family can retire to the hotel and they can go home. This gives everyone time to relax and recharge. The time you do spend together will be more enjoyable and the excitement of being together will last much longer. 

Kids can be hard to watch at all times

When you take your family on vacation to see extended family, the kids will likely be very excited, and active. After a whole day of refereeing playtime, the adults can be ready for a break. If you stay in the same house, then the kids can carry on well into the night. They won't get enough sleep which can affect their moods, making them cranky the next day. The adults can become frustrated and start to resent the fact that they aren't able to get a good night's sleep. 

When you stay in a hotel, you can bring the kids to the hotel at the end of the day, where you will all be in the same room. You can easily keep an eye on them. Also, without the other children to excite them, your kids will likely go to sleep much faster and even sleep longer. This way, everyone will be in a great mood again when you get together. 

Personal space can be much appreciated

When you stay with family, you'll more than likely be very careful about making a mess. You might keep your things in one small area so that you don't feel like you are being too intrusive. However, this can make it hard for you to find the things you need and even to keep your outfits unwrinkled. 

When you stay in a hotel, you can spread all your things out and unpack for the duration of the vacation. This can make so many things easier, from finding all your personal hygiene products to being able to throw on clothing that doesn't have a bunch of wrinkles.

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