3 Benefits Of A Hotel Within Walking Distance Of Disneyland

Posted on: 2 August 2023


When you go to a Disney park, you will likely spend a lot of your day walking through parks, exploring areas, and staying on your feet. The idea of adding an extra walk from your hotel to the park may not seem appealing, but you can discover a wide range of benefits to the walking experience.

As you plan a Disneyland vacation, learn some of the benefits of a hotel near Disney that provides walking distance opportunities. The experience can transform your vacation for the better and result in a memorable time at the theme parks.

1. Make Your Own Schedule

When you stay within walking distance, you can set your own schedule for the day. You do not need to worry about shuttle bus departures, ride-share pick-ups, or the avoidance of rush-hour traffic. You can make your own schedule and leave your hotel when you please. In some cases, shuttles may not start until a certain time of the day.

When you can walk directly to the park, you can get in line early, get through security, and be one of the first in line for a wide range of rides and experiences. Some park restaurants may offer early breakfast options you can enjoy when you stay close to the Disneyland property.

2. Easy Mid-Day Breaks

Along with starting the day at your leisure, a hotel by Disneyland gives you the opportunity for an easy mid-day break. You can simply walk back to your hotel without the need to schedule rides or wait through traffic. You can stop at your hotel to enjoy the privacy of the room and a break from the crowds.

The air-conditioned room can provide relief from the hot weather, and you have the opportunity to really lay down and stretch your legs. The mid-day break provides an opportunity to enjoy some snacks and rest before you venture back into the park. If you've gotten hot and sweaty, you also have the opportunity to take a quick shower or change clothes.

3. Avoid Parking Hassles

Parking at Disneyland can create a lot of hassles. Not only will you have to pay for parking, but you have to find a spot and travel the distance from the parking lot to the actual park itself. At the end of the day, you could be behind long lines of traffic, and it may take a long time to get back to your hotel.

Walking right to a hotel helps you avoid these hassles and will allow you to reach your hotel room much faster.

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