The Best Hotels To Stay At When Visiting The Southern Oregon Coast

Posted on: 30 March 2016


The Southern Oregon coast has a lot to offer eager visitors. Gold Beach, Oregon is a fine destination for many people, and there is much to do in the area. From the beautifully-lit Rogue River Bridge to the wreckage of the Mary D Hume, this area holds a lot of tourist-friendly ventures to keep every Oregon visitor highly engaged. When staying in Southern Oregon, you want to choose the best lodging to make your experience wonderful from the moment you wake up to when you lay down your head at night. Here is a guide to helping you choose the best hotels for lodging when visiting the Southern Oregon Coast.

Nearby attractions

Your best option is to choose a hotel that is in or close to Gold Beach, Oregon. This way, you are close to all the native attractions, and can get to many locations via a short walk or drive. These locales fill up quickly, so it's best to book your room several months in advance before the busy summer brings all the tourists to the area and limit your choices for lodging. Some hotels will even let you book your room up to a year in advance to give you better options (and possibly better discounted pre-booking rates).

Coastal rooms

If you are going to Southern Oregon to strictly enjoy the coast, then you will want to pick a hotel that has lodging on the water. These types of hotels often feature cabins with many rooms that you can rent right on the beach itself. If you can rent a cabin right on the beach, be prepared to bring your own food for preparing meals, as this type of lodging usually doesn't feature amenities like maid service or included breakfast. Hotels that feature beach lodging can fill up quickly, so it's best to book your room in advance. If you want an ocean-front room, you want to make this known when making your reservation so you have the best views upon check-in. 

Ties to local attractions

Since Gold Beach, Oregon is a popular tourist destination in the state, hotels often cater to visitors by teaming up with local attractions to boost the economy on a community level. This means you can potentially get discounts to favorite restaurants, coastal tours, or even local shopping centers if you stay at certain hotels. Before making reservations, ask at the front desk if there are any perks you can receive from local vendors for staying at a certain hotel. Odds are, you can be rewarded simply by asking.

When going to the Southern Oregon coast, you are in for a real treat. This is especially true if you can find excellent lodging. Look for the best places to stay on Southern Oregon coast.