What Makes A 'Good' Hotel Location? 5 Scenarios

Posted on: 5 November 2020


What makes a hotel location 'good' or not? The answer depends on many factors involving your plans and goals for the trip. To help you find the right location for your next stay, here are a few common travel situations and what to look for in a hotel's locale. 

1. You're On a Tight Schedule

If you don't have a lot of time to spare, you need a hotel that's close to your other destinations. This may be a central location if you're exploring a new city with destinations spread out. Or it could be targeted to a particular key attraction, such as a hotel near the Strip on a quick Las Vegas weekend. Focus on the areas you'll visit most or those you're most likely to be anxious about visiting. 

2. You're On a Tight Budget

When you don't have a lot of money in your budget, the right hotel may be a little farther afield than you would otherwise choose. In this case, the location is likely best when it's not the prime area for tourism or for those attending the same event as you. By heading farther away, you can find a nicer place to stay without breaking the budget. 

3. You're Traveling as a Group

Group travel is tricky, as you all may have a hard time agreeing on many elements. The best location may be one that offers a variety of different activities the group might individually want to do. For instance, a hotel a little farther from the beach might also have easy access to more dining or shopping. This gives you the chance to satisfy as many people as possible as much as you can. 

4. You Have a Family

Anyone traveling with kids knows that amenities are one of the more important hotel elements. You want a spot that provides practical things for your trip, such as grocery stores or markets, drug stores, big-box stores, and dining areas. You can pack up the kids to go to the beach each day, but you may find it more valuable to be able to go around the corner in the middle of the night for cold medicine. 

5. You're Traveling Alone

Solo travelers have the luxury of deciding what's most important to them alone. Consider what makes you happy—or anxious. If your goal is a simple vacation, look for a walkable downtown or boardwalk hotel that feels luxurious. If you're concerned about traffic, choose a suburban location where you can drive more comfortably. The 'right' location should be motivated by what may benefit you the most. 

Clearly, there are many ways to answer the question of what makes a great hotel location. By thinking about what's best for your particular traveling style and goals, you'll choose the best option and have the most success no matter where you're headed.