Helpful Search Tips for a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Posted on: 8 June 2022


The search to find the right apartment home consists of evaluating different properties, amenities, locations, and prices. Then, when you add a pet to your apartment search, you will also need to look for pet-friendly apartments where you and your pet are going to be happy. Needless to say, it can be difficult and stressful at times to find the right apartment that will welcome your pet and provide you with the right lifestyle. The following provides you with some helpful tips to find the right pet-friendly apartment for your next move.

Check Out Pet Amenities

As a pet owner, you want to make sure that your pet is going to be happy living in your new apartment, and this includes providing for their specific pet needs. A dog may not care about the garage parking facility but may be all about having a grassy outdoor area where they can run and play, for example. For this reason, always look at the apartment amenities that the property provides with your rental lease to make sure it gives you the extras you are going to need and use regularly. 

Look at the apartment property to see if there is space to walk your dog or a dog park where they can play off their leash. You may also want to see if your apartment has a balcony or private patio where they can enjoy the sunshine during the day. Look at the apartment interior for its flooring surfaces and if they will be welcoming to your pet. For example, are there hardwood or tile floors where you can handle easy clean-up with positioned rugs to help with your pet's foot traction on the floor or is there walk-to-wall carpet? 

Research Costs

Another detail you need to check out is the apartment's costs in relation to pets. As a pet owner, you are likely familiar with a pet deposit, which you will put down on an apartment as extra coverage for any damage your pet causes while you live there. Some pet deposits are refundable and others are not, so make sure you check this detail.

Then, ask about a pet fee or inspection fee that may be charged monthly with your apartment lease. This can cover the cost of a regular pet inspection to make sure the apartment is being kept up in its condition with your pet. Then, find out if there will be any extra pet rent added to the apartment's base rent cost. This will help you to evaluate the apartment's costs and make sure you stay within your rental budget.

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