Planning An All-Inclusive Wedding? 4 Questions To Ask When Booking Your Package

Posted on: 26 August 2022


If you're planning an all-inclusive wedding, now's the time to start shopping for the right package. All-inclusive wedding packages take a lot of the work out of planning a wedding. But, they don't eliminate all the work. You still need to do your homework. That's because all-inclusive wedding packages are different, depending on the resort you go through. That's why it's important to have a list of questions ready. Not sure what to ask when shopping for the perfect all-inclusive wedding package? Read the list provided below. You'll find four questions you'll want to ask. 

What Are the Venue Options?

When it comes to booking an all-inclusive wedding package, the first question you ask should be about the venue options. You might have chosen the resort, but there are still venue options to choose from. Most resorts will have several to choose from. For instance, if you choose a beach resort, you may have the option of a shoreline venue. Or, you could choose a rooftop venue. Make sure you get everything you want from your wedding. Ask about venue options when booking your all-inclusive package. 

What's Included in the Package?

If you're going to book an all-inclusive wedding, be sure you know what's included in the package. You might think that all-inclusive means that everything is included in the price of the package. That's not the case though. As the couple, your accommodations are included in the package price. Plus, the package price will include the costs for your predetermined guest list. This will include the main wedding events. Any additional guests may need to pay a per-person cost for the event. 

What Are the Per-Person Costs? 

Speaking of per-person costs, it's a good idea to discuss those fees when you book your all-inclusive wedding. You never know when you'll want to add people to your guest list. You'll want to know what those costs will be before you book your wedding package. You can also share this information with friends who may ask you to add them to the guest list. 

What Are the Outside Vendor Fees?

If you're going to book an all-inclusive wedding package, you won't pay extra for their vendors. But, that might not be the case if you bring in outside vendors. If you want to use outside vendors for your wedding, be sure to ask the resort about their outside vendor fees. That way, you can plan for the added costs.

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